Quality of Life and Pediatric Healing

Author: Sophia Hart, Pediatric Critical Care RN

At Nursing Evolutions, we understand the profound impact that patient quality of life has on their overall health, recovery, and resilience. With this understanding as a guiding principle, we are dedicated to providing as many enriching experiences as possible to enhance the lives of our patients. 

From regular walks to the park, visits to the pumpkin patch, to zoo days with families, these are just a few examples of the diverse experiences we offer to enrich the lives of our patients. We believe that these activities not only bring joy and happiness but also contribute positively to their physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development. 

While hospitals are remarkable places to receive care from many providers and specialties, they often struggle to provide the “normal” childhood experiences essential for holistic development. This challenge is particularly pronounced during long-term stay in units like the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric Intensive Care Units, where the environment can interrupt children’s development on multiple levels. 

In our facilities, we prioritize creating an environment that prioritizes both the safety and growth of our patients in all areas of life. Our progressive critical care facility goes beyond traditional nursing care to provide a nurturing environment where children with complex health conditions can truly be kids. Whether it’s crawling in the grass, playing with other children, or doing regular kid things like trick-or-treating on Halloween, we strive to offer experiences that are difficult to replicate in a hospital setting. 

Central to our approach is the belief that pediatric care should revolve around play. We recognize the profound impact that play can have on reducing anxiety and mitigating healthcare-related trauma. As such, we ensure that our nursing interventions are as enjoyable as possible, engaging our patients in activities that cater to their developmental needs, whether participating in pretend play, hide-and-seek, stacking blocks, or participating in matching games. We tailor our play to support each individual patient’s growth, following recommendations from their interdisciplinary team 

In addition to traditional medical care, we integrate complementary therapies into daily life at our facilities. Music therapy is beneficial in improving patient quality of life. Our patients have dance parties and the kids get excited to learn simple songs to on play pianos. These moments of joy and connection help ensure that our houses are rarely quiet, filled instead with the sounds of laughter and play. 

At Nursing Evolutions, improving quality of life permeates care practice, from our daily routines to our exciting outings, ensuring that our patients receive the comprehensive support they need to thrive. 

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