NICU baby

A better healthcare experience, transitioning babies from NICU/PICU to home. Our Pediatric Critical Care Houses (PCCH) in Everett, WA, provide unmatched intensive nursing care, offering 24/7 RN care.

Our RN team is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of our patients and their families.  By providing the best possible care and support, we aim to help children safely transition from the NICU/PICU back to their homes. 


Creating a Better Healthcare Experience

At Nursing Evolutions, we actively drive forward each patient’s health, function, and quality of life goals. Your child’s RN manages the entire care spectrum, coordinating specialty care services, occupational, speech, and physical therapy, and education.  Our mission is to provide each patient with the individualized care coordination that they need to thrive. 

Your Goals Are Our Passion

Ventilator Weaning

Our goal for each patient is to ultimately wean them from the ventilator and decannulate from their tracheostomy.

Progressive Mobilization

Medically fragile patients often become weak while receiving lifesaving medical care in the PICU. We use progressive mobilization techniques to optimize each baby’s strength, mobility, balance, and coordination.


Our goal is to incrementally progress feedings from the patient’s G, or GJ tube towards PO (per oral) feedings as our patient becomes stronger.

technicians with patient

Leading the Charge

Individual nurses can drive change in the healthcare system and provide a better healthcare experience. That’s why we focus on cultivating nursing leaders and providing an environment that supports compassion, resourcefulness and collaboration.