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Nursing Evolutions RNs hail from all over the globe. From St. Louis to Taiwan, Germany to China.

Our Pediatric Critical Care House, in Everett, WA is located just 30 minutes out of the global city of Seattle.

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We are a company on the cutting edge of nursing science and practice, building careers with innovative and dynamic nursing professionals.

Whether you are a seasoned professional looking for the next step in your clinical practice, or a new graduate looking for a career with an impact- we invite you to join our team.

Come build an exciting career with us.


We also are hiring Registered Nurses for our Pediatric Critical Care House (PCCH) in Everett, WA.


Located in Downtown Everett at 1706 Broadway, our clinical practice at PCCH is the only of its kind in the nation, offering a unique opportunity to work with some of the most skilled nurses the region has to offer.

At Nursing Evolutions we believe in lifelong learning. We provide a mentor-ship residency to strengthen the clinical practice and skills of our new RNs.


Skills include but are not limited to: ​

  • Tracheotomy care

  • Managing Mechanical Ventilation

  • Utilizing Progressive Mobilization

  • Nutrition Management, including the use of Gastrostomy-tube feedings

And much more!

JOB Qualifications

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Registered Nurse License (or NCLEX date)

  • Current CPR

  • Full suite of vaccinations

Necessary Skills:

  • Able to work in a pediatric care team with other Registered Nurses

  • Ability to meet the care needs of patients in high stress situations

  • Meticulous charting and analysis for the purpose of optimizing pediatric patient outcomes

  • Able to work independently when necessary

  • Comfortable interfacing with parents and other care providers

RN Careers
Careers in Everett

Compensation & Benefits

Compensation:​ $40-50/hour

  • Holidays – 1.5 pay rate

  • Overtime – 1.5 pay rate


  • 401K with Maximum Allowable Company Match

  • Accrued Paid Time Off

  • Medical, dental and vision coverage

  • Profit sharing


We provide a unique opportunity for students to gain experience working as a





in a critical care setting, supporting RNs and gaining mentor-ship from world-class Masters and PhD educated RNs. Located in Everett, WA.

Compensation: Starting at $17/hour

12 Hour Shifts

3 Shifts/Week Minimum

1 Year Commitment



  • 401K with Maximum Allowable Company Match

  • Overtime & Holidays (x1.5 payrate)

  • Paid time off is accrued as a regular employee


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Pediatric Care Technician

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