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Career Opportunities

We provide a unique opportunity for nursing and
pre-nursing students to gain experience working as a






in a critical care setting, supporting RNs and gaining mentor-ship from Pediatric Critical Care RNs. Located in Everett, WA.

Compensation: Starting at $17/hour

12 Hour Shifts

2 Shifts/Week Minimum

1 Year Commitment



401K with Maximum Allowable Company Match

Overtime & Holidays (x1.5 payrate)

Paid time off is accrued as a regular employee


Click below to contact our
Hiring Coordinator for more information.

PEDIATRIC care technician


Full-time Pediatric Care Positions

We provide our own full training suite in pediatric tracheostomy care



1. Request that the clinical placement coordinator at your NA or CNA School contact
2. Send us an email at with as much information about your placement needs



Thanks for submitting!

PCTs on their mentors

Nursing Evolutions will sometimes hire PCTs with limited experience.  Even more experienced PCTs often enjoy learning more about the specifics of caring for trached patients under the age of 5 who often have additional and complicating diagnoses. 


RN & Mentor

"Ping was an excellent mentor to follow and she provided me with a wealth of great knowledge regarding complex respiratory care to understanding the workings of home health and pediatrics.  Ping was gracious in answering all of my questions and walked me through the steps in her nursing assessments and thought processes to try to help me learn to understand how a home health critical care peds nurse manages a client's case.  This was a valuable experience for me and I appreciate being allowed to shadow an RN in this capacity!"


michele donahue_edited.jpg

RN & Mentor

"Michele was a very engaged, competent teacher.  She showed skill and confidence in her care.  She was incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate.  I appreciated her ability to work and teach simultaneously.  It made an observation-only experience more conducive to learning. "


julie anne_edited.jpg

Julie Anne
RN & Mentor

"This was a wonderful opportunity to experience how medically fragile children are able to live at home with the assistance of highly skilled nurses.  Julie Anne was a knowledgeable individual and taught me what to look for when a child with an indwelling trach is in respiratory distress or in need of suctioning.  By the end of the experience, I was able to identify the signs and symptoms of increased respiratory effort by the child, which is what determines need for suctioning of the trach." 


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