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Pediatric Critical Care House (PCCH)

Safely transitioning your baby from the NICU/PICU to your home in the community

Our goal is to graduate your child from their life-support and critical nursing care needs so they can return home to be with you and your family.

We offer RN-only clinical expertise, on-site supervision and care provided by MSN, ARNP, and PhD prepared nurses- 24/7.

Patient Outcomes

Your Goals are our Passion


Our goal for each patient is to ultimately wean them from the ventilator and decannulate from their tracheostomy.

Progressive Mobilization

Medically fragile patients often become very weak during the provision of lifesaving medical care in the PICU. Using progressive mobilization techniques, we work to optimize each Baby’s strength, mobility, balance and coordination


Our goal is to progress feedings from the patient's G or GJ tube incrementally towards PO (per oral) feedings as our patient becomes stronger. 

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